Engineering and Procurement Services

ENID Company has good abilities and capabilities to identify resources of procurement, engineering of buying and implementing commercial affairs of material and equipment for industrial and common projects.
The company presents the qualified and valuable services in the different industries on the base of valuable experiences of its qualified engineers and businessman groups. With consideration to the long term cooperation with different makers, the company has enough capability and proficiency to procure material and equipment for clients and customers on the base of their requirements and according to the international codes.
It should be noted that procurement services present with its related engineering services. The company can procure the commodities in all fields such as mechanical, piping, electrical, control and instrumentation devices, corrosion protection systems and cathodic protection.

Control and Assessment of Vendors
Assessment of products and services vendors with the aim of selecting qualified vendors and improving their capabilities to prepare each project requirements of products and services, and making the control during buying on the base of disciplined approach to increase the clients confidence, improvement the procurement qualification and decreasing the cost are the other service of the company to procure well.

Procurement Services
How these services are doing in the company with consideration of planning, engineering of buying, business services etc. are as follow:

    Planning and project control, request and procurement are as follow:
  •   Preparation of procurement approaches and process
  •   Procurement planning
  •   Budget planning and cost flow
  •   Procurement process control
  •   Planning and project control of making the elements and equipment
  •   Preparation of systematic reports

    Engineering of buying:
  •   Receiving material requisitions and their technical checking
  •   Preparation of inquiry or tender documents
  •   Inquiry or tender process proportionate to clients regulations
  •   Offers collecting and technical checking
  •   Preparation of offers technical comparison tables and Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE)
  •   Preparation of technical documents of contract with winner of inquiry or tender
  •   Following the technical comments of contracts and receiving the maps and technical documents and their control and comparison with requisition
  •   Matching the making process with material requisition technically
  •   Matching the products with material requisition
  •   Source detection and supply chain management
  •   Vendors and makers detection
  •   Vendors and makers assessment and their classification
  •   Matching the requisition with makers capability and defining the sources
  •   Management the relation of makers and vendors
  •   Preparation the strategy of cooperation with different makers and vendors

    Management of Contract with Makers and Vendors includes:
  •   Guaranty management of makers and vendors contracts
  •   Financial management of contracts
  •   Time management of contracts
  •   Quality management of contracts
  •   Logistic and customs management
  •   Delivery to store

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